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Local Businesses in Fort Mohave, AZ

Fort Mohave takes its name from a neighboring fort used during the Mohave War. It is a Bullhead City micro-suburb. Because of its recent expansion, it is now the most populated unincorporated community in Mohave County.

Valley View Medical Center is the largest single employer in Fort Mohave. Fort Mohave became the site of a 200-acre photovoltaic solar power facility in 2013. The factory was erected between Joy Lane and Lipan Boulevard, east of Vanderslice Road.

Smith's Food and Drug, Safeway, and a recently opened Wal-Mart Supercenter are the three largest grocery shops in Fort Mohave. There is also a CVS Pharmacy and an ACE Hardware Store on the premises. Red Dragon Chinese Cuisine, Bonanza Cafe, Casa Serrano Mexican Food, an ice cream shop, and other fast-food franchises are among the restaurants.

Residents of Fort Mohave conduct the majority of their shopping and dining in Bullhead City, which is considered the tri-state area's shopping hub.

Local Businesses in Fort Mohave, AZ
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